Wizard of OZ

Whewww! and were through
 The Wizard of OZ production with
NFCC Community Theater .
 Lots of work and lots of fun for NM Facepainter
my fav's are my flying monkeys .
( Allie Wilkerson, Emma Grace Newman, Ragen Crosby, Kayleigh McIntosh)

The award for supper cute kids in costume went to the Munchkins (Caden Newman, Gabe Gamalero, Emery Wilkerson, Morgan Crosby,Ben Gamalero, Micah Newman).

The Wicked Witch of the West got the award for best onstage melting seen. 
Dorthy (Mandy Holley) was sweet as ever Toto was totally barkin' cute . 

The Tin Man (Moe Cooks) was awesome, the Lion (Adrianna Johnson) was a roar, Scarecrow (William Johnson) may be full of straw but he totally sold the show . Glenda the Good Witch (Julia Morgan) sparkled , and the Wizard OZ (Johnathan Cooks) was of course wonderful

Thanks for having me NFCC
see you next year !

Behind the Curtain -Wizard of OZ

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